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R3wind....More like Fast Forward!
By Janet Dominy

Innovative...cutting edge...ahead of his time

These things and more are the ways that people have attempted to describe the musical style of the artist known as Ric Dominy aka R3wind.

At a young age this gifted musician was showing his true colors. He was a classically trained guitar player, and managed to self teach himself over 13 different musical instruments, many if not most of them string instruments. This education, though something for fun and a hobby to keep him “off the street”, would prove to be invaluable to his future as an artist and producer.

Growing up poor in a small town, Ric was no stranger to the kind of angst and pain that is deeply rooted in the heart of any artist. He lived a life of poverty and despair, sleeping on the floor for most of his life and working hard for everything that came his way. It was this hard work that shaped his character and made him the person that he is today.

His musical roots were in rock and jazz, but he also always had a healthy respect for hip hop culture and R&B. This mixture of influences has made Ric’s music a different experience altogether. His taste is eclectic and this makes his style one of a kind.

There are no cookie cutters in art as far as Ric is concerned. It has been his goal from the beginning to have a style like no other. He strives constantly to not just be another Neuro-funk track in a DJ set, but to be recognized for his true talent as an artist and songwriter.

His style has changed as his knowledge deepens, and this scene evolves. Revolutionary as he may be, he also maintains a strong sense of trend and where the music is going.

So when you hear the name R3wind, just know that you aren’t about to trip down memory lane, rather you are about to be catapulted into a new era of one of a kind style that is purely Ric Dominy.
Q & A with R3wind

Q: Where does your artist name come from?
A: As bad as it sounds I was always that guy in the crowd screaming REEEEEWIND. Then my friends started calling me that.

Q: Tell us more about your musical roots!
A: Wow that's a long story. I started with listening to Rock, Blues, and Jazz. In my youth I studied Guitar and Music Theory. I learned to play 12 instruments. After that I was in a few bands. Rock and Industrial stuff. Then I went to my first warehouse party and everything changed.

Q: How did you start producing music?
A: It mostly started with me and friends programing MIDI keyboards and drum machines for an Industrial band I was in. Also around the same time I helped friends in bands record their demos.

Q: Are you also a DJ?

A: I was a DJ a long time ago. Though I am thinking about getting back into it.

Q: Do you work together with other artists also? E.g. Remixes?

A: As much as I can.

Q: Do you have any special musical aims?
A: Having songs from Fizx Recordings on iTUNES and Beatport are on the top of the list.

Q: What do you think of the contemporary popular music which is played by normal radio stations?
A: Well I have to say that a lot of it is good. I just hate that the loudness war is killing hte music.

Q: What have you read recently (book, play, film, etc.) that moved or surprised you?

A: I am reading The Horus Heresy right now. It's a very long Sci-Fi series. The plot is wild!

Q: What is your all-time favorite track? Why?
A: Well it's hard to say. Though their is a song that brings tears to my eyes every time my wife sings it.

Q: What's one thing you're a fan of that people might not expect?
A: Nutella. It's so good I bet it would be good on a flip flop.

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